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Carpet cleaning - A new carpet represents a substantial investment for any household or business and cleaning it regularly can extend its life by years making it more cost effective as well as keeping it clean & healthy.
Regular vacuuming is the easiest way to remove loose dirt and dust but inevitably soil will cling to the carpet fibres leaving your carpet dull and lifeless taking away the natural appearance.
Our cleaning method using powerful extraction machines will remove unwanted soil, bacteria and pollens, breathing new life into carpet fibres, revitalising the colour and providing a healthy clean environment.

Upholstery cleaning - Harshly treated in many homes, upholstery suffers the daily grind of natural body oils, hair products, food and drink spillages as well as pets and clambering children.
If your sofa is looking old & tired then a professional clean will not only remove the dirt and most staining but also brighten and restore the natural colours in the fabric fibres, whilst removing any nasty odours. 

Rug cleaning - Rugs can range in quality & price from tens of pounds to thousands of pounds. Some are factory made by the 1000's and some are painstakingly hand made and completely unique.
Either way we understand that some people may just use their rug to cover up that old stain on the carpet. Or they may carry sentimental value as well as a high monitary value. That's why we ensure that each rug gets the correct cleaning procedure to suit.
We take great care in our cleaning system for rugs, only using neutral p.h. wool safe products to eliminate the risk of any damage.

Leather cleaning - Many people choose leather because of the quality and the fact that it can be easy to maintain & clean. But this is not always the case, dirt can become ingrained into the leather depending on the type of finish meaning ordinary cleaners do not penetrate.
As leather is a natural product it require re-hydrating otherwise it can dry out (like skin) and using household cleaners or baby wipes, which are not a good idea, can increase this lead to cracking which over time will worsen and ruin your sofa.

Oven Cleaning - So you don't have to!

I am yet to meet someone that likes cleaning their oven, that's not to say they don't exist, but because it's time-consuming, requires effort and is a physically dirty job most people put it off.
Using our knowledge and equipment we'll do it for you leaving your kitchen just the way we found it but with a nice clean oven. 
Tenancy cleaning - Selling your home or ending your tenancy can prove a stressful time. There's always plenty to sort out and the last thing you need is the added worry of whether the property is presentable enough for the new tenants/landlord.  
We can clean your property to the required standard taking the burden off your shoulders.
Because different properties require different levels of cleanliness & various time scales to complete we carry out a full detailed survey of the premises prior to providing you with an accurate quote in writing.

Office cleaning - We can provide reliable, reputable and secure office cleaning for your company either out of hours or as a key holder. We provide our own equipment and materials at no extra cost.
Standard office cleaning comprises of polishing, waste bin clearing, cleaning of w.c. and kitchen areas, hoovering but we'll undertake anything else that is required.
We can of course include any of our other services as and when if required, e.g. window cleaning.

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