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Stain treatment

The majority of the spots and stains are normally removed during our normal carpet cleaning process.
Occasionally, however a spot or stain remains on the carpet which requires special attention.
We carry stain removal solutions for virtually every possibility. We do not guarantee the removal of every stain as some stains are permanent. But if it is possible then we have the expertise, knowledge & product to suit.

If you do have a stain or spillage then we advise that you follow our simple guide further down this page.
Avoid using supermarket stain removers as these are not stain specific and from previous experience have caused bleaching or can set the stain permanently.

Stain-Guard Treatment - We can protect your carpet or upholstery furnishings from stains caused by spillages.
Stains are caused when the spillage is allowed to penetrate into an absorbent material. Our stain-guard treatment will make any porous material non-porous. Meaning if you follow our stain treatment guide you may well be able to remove any stains on treated items yourself, if not, it will certainly make it easier for a professional to remove.
Ideal for wool, cotton, viscose, nylon, suede, nubuck leather or silk.
We can clean & then apply the protector to used furnishings and carpets or protect new items to ensure their long lasting good condition.    

Stain Callout Service

Using our professional spotting machine we are now able to offer our customers a specific stain or spillage treatment/removal service at a fraction of the cost of normal carpet cleaning.
This is because the set up time for the spotting machine (not suitable for large areas) is minimal.
The service includes the treatment process, any stain removal products used and up to 30 minutes labour.

Stain Treatment Guide

First thing is do not panic and start rubbing the stain.....but do act immediately following these steps

1. Remove any solids with a blunt knife
2. Soak up spillage with an absorbent tissue or cloth (plain, not coloured) by blotting the area, not rubbing. Apply towel or tissues with firm pressure.
3. Add a little cold/luke warm water (not hot) to stained area and blot again.
4. Repeat wothout over wetting the area until the stain is gone.

Do not over-wet stains - this causes it to spread
Do not scrub/rub the area - this damages the fibres
Do not allow stain to dry out - cover with a damp cloth

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